Conference Recording

Thanks again for a job well done – during the convention and all through the year. Working with you is such a pleasure.
– Peggy O’Brien – Convention Coordinator, American Assoc. of School Administrators
I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful job you did. Not only was it a relief to have the sessions recorded in a professional manner, …[we] appeared to be more professional as a result of the excellent service you provided. All in all, we were very pleased with the results and anticipate that our members will benefit greatly from this service. – Lynda L. Guthrie
– Associate Director, Western States Meat Association
Thank you and your staff for a professional a well done job on a last minute set up for taping [our seminar]… We received our copies of your tapes and are equally impressed with the finished product. Everyone commented on your marketing professionalism, especially on such short notice. – Lois Sadler – Trade Show Manager, Wood Energy Institute West
We are delighted with you service. It is wonderful to have a permanent record of our speakers and deliberations. You handled a complex and very last minute assignment with great skill and professionalism.
– Ruth Jordan – Columbia Associates, Inc.
This commendation…is for the excellent job of transcribing [our] meeting… I have had the opportunity of listening to the tapes and the quality is excellent. In addition, I appreciate the promptness which your firm displayed in sending the tapes. I received them very shortly after the meeting. It was impressive service. – Harry H. Hatasaka, D.D.D, M.S.D. – Pres. Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists
You provide a good service at a reasonable price. It is convenient for Toastmasters to be able to purchase these tapes. I am a note taker, but now I can enjoy the educational sessions more because I do not have to take heavy notes, as I know that at the end of the Convention I may purchase [a recording] of the entire session… Thank you for providing this service…
Trudie Reed – Member of Toastmasters International
Thank you for…all the audiocassettes produced by your company for [our] International [Convention] in Dallas… The service you provide is extremely professional and highly appreciated by our organization.
John F. Noonan, DTM – International President, Toastmasters International
Once again Bill, I want to commend you and your staff for a great job at the convention in general and the [speech] contest in particular. The amount of care and concern you showed to make us amateurs look and sound good, is the mark of a true professional. Thank you. – Ross C. Mackay – Ross Mackay Associates Ltd., Ontario, Canada

Location Recording

Mr. Bill Stephens… should be commended on the excellent job he did with an acoustically challenging project. He took an active interest in our dedication and it showed in the professional way the P.A. system was handled. I would certainly recommend him for any future assignments. – Gordon L. Steele – Manager, Candelaria Partners, Occidental Minerals Corp. – Barbara Gilmour – Dedication Coordinator, Candelaria Partners
Amidst the afternoon of set-up confusion prior to the dress rehearsal, it was most comforting to have a true, calm professional on hand to help with the most important installation of sound system and recording facilities. We are also delighted that you obtained high quality recordings of all the proceedings… Although there are other, larger…studios in the area, we can think of no other person for our undertakings, as we prefer quality and expertise to opulence. – Belinda N. Chauvin – Program Coordinator – Gary Buchanan – Musical Director – Andean Explorers Foundation & Ocean Sailing Club
Just a short note of thanks for the professional nature of your firm’s performance for our…Annual Session at Bally’s. – Phillip Rollins – Executive Director, Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists
Patagonia has had the pleasure of working with Bill Stephens for over fifteen years on our Tools For Grassroots Activists Conference. We honestly couldn't give anyone a higher recommendation. Bill does an amazing job ensuring that all technical details for our remote four-day conference (filled with back-to-back speakers with an array of technical requests) goes off without a hitch. While Bill's technical expertise is extremely valuable - we also need to mention that over the years we've grown to think of Bill as one of our team. He is so willing to jump in and help is at any point to ensure that our conference runs smoothly.                                                                                                 The Tools Team  Patagonia

Studio Recording

I would like to take this time to express my appreciation for the fine work you have been doing for us on the audio production for radio and television. On many occasions we have called on you for some very important “RUSH” production. You have consistently come through with flying colors on tight deadlines. We have had many complimentary comments on the quality of sound on our commercials. Hilton is very particular about quality in its advertising image. – Randy Gaess – Director of Advertising and Publicity, Reno Hilton
My most sincere, heartfelt thanks to you for the thoughtful courtesy and attention given by you and your staff to getting the duplicating master tape out to us so expeditiously… Your professional excellence and finished productions far exceed anything we have seen in our years in the business of dealing with the public and video/audio producers and duplicators. – Ed Foreman – Executive Development Systems
I reviewed your website and subsequently your YouTube Channel  and I must say, as a professional audio engineer for over 10 years, I was quite impressed with your recordings. I also had our department ( Audio Solutions listen to your recordings, and were also quite impressed, Personally I wouldn't change a thing with yout recordings; they sound wonderful! As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and the sound quality you get with your recordings is simply fantastic. It's not just the microphone; it's the engineer.                                                                                      – Dan, from the Audio-Technica Audio Solutions Team


Demonstration Videos